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ELLi COMELLi, your Organic Natural Raw Food Manufactory
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Do you eat raw vegetables? Wonderful, so do we!

All of our products are always in real RAW FOOD quality. From the basic ingredients, through processing, to storage: We pay close attention to the right drying temperatures of 42°C (when machine-dried) up to a maximum of 45°C (when sun dried). Our manufactured goods also generally never heat up above the 42°C limit in any of our individual processing steps. Our manufacturing processes are based on this and we measure the temperature regularly! The raw food temperature is so important to us because raw food still contains a lot of nutrients that support our body in its many functions incredibly well. And that's exactly what we want to offer you: Food that still deserves its name.

Do you eat organic foods? Wonderful, so do we!

All of our products are always certified organic, it's that simple. This means that there are no pesticides or genetically engineered things in our products. In addition, our environment is happy about it and we leave behind far fewer problems for the next generation. Incidentally, natural organic food simply tastes much better and increases our desire for fresh, unprocessed food.

Do you eat natural foods? Wonderful, so do we!

All of our products always are real natural food: Our basic ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, dates or cocoa are always completely untreated. So there is never something like oil or wax on our goods. Our foods don't know sulfur and other nasty preservatives at all. Our motto is always: as simple and natural as possible. Many of our dried fruits are even sun-dried spread out on tablets outdoors - just as it has always been done in a completely energy-efficient way. In short, we don't offer any spoilt, industrial food, but real natural food.

Do you eat plant-based foods? Wonderful, so do we!

All of our products are always 100% plant-based. Lots of fiber, ideal nutrient combinations and a high level of physical well-being guaranteed - what else would you need? If you have problems with your digestion, you can order a few mini figs from us in our shop: They taste delicious, so they make a nice dessert and, thanks to their high fiber content, have a miraculous effect on the intestinal tract - just try it out.

Do you eat whole foods? Wonderful, so do we!

All of our products always follow the whole foods principle. We only produce nut and seed butters, which are always made from whole food ingredients, such as our brown almond butter from unpeeled almonds, or our black tahini made from unpeeled sesame. We produce our confectionery balls from whole dates (no refined sugar, no date powder or paste). Our vegetable munchies contain 70% fresh unpeeled vegetables. There are many more examples of, but it is always the same principle: Everything is unspoilt, pure an completely natural. This way you really get all the nutrients, mother nature offers to us, from the ingredients in our products.

You don't believe any of this? Still true!

We have been eating only raw vegan food (plant-based raw food) and only organic food for 20 years now. So we can have a say in this ;-)

Many bigger and smaller health problems dissolve into thin air with such a diet. The body works much better in everyday operation and injuries (e.g. broken bones) or illnesses (flu) are overcome faster and more effortlessly.

Eating becomes more puristic, makes a lot of fun and becomes incredibly varied. The appreciation for high quality, natural food is increasing enormously.

We ourselves regularly eat everything we offer to you in our shop. We hope that our products will help you as much as they helped us and, of course, you will like them as much as we do.